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Founded in 1931, the Arlington Garden Club is comprised of nearly 100 Arlington, Massachusetts residents. The Club holds monthly meetings and conducts a wide variety of community-building local events and projects.

Upcoming Programs & Events

First meeting for 2019-2020 Monday, September 15th

Wright -Locke Farm

On July 24th, Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester is welcoming Allison Houghton to present on Climate Resilience in your own Backyard. In this talk, Allison will delve into the biology behind and the methods of cultivating healthy soils that support garden vitality and biodiverse ecosystems. Thriving soils also have the potential to rapidly sequester carbon, store and filter water, buffer extremes, break down toxins, and support biodiverse ecosystems. This talk is a call for gardeners to learn to become stewards of the immense thriving world beneath our feet. Learning these skills not only has benefits for our gardens and the food we grow, but also for our local ecosystems, watersheds, communities, and for the planet.

It should be a really engaging presentation and we hope that you might be able to join us up in the beautiful 1827 Barn for the evening. The presentation starts at 7:30PM and while it’s free, it’s best to RSVP to make sure you get a good seat – the Barn is known to get pretty full. 

We hope that you might be able to join on July 24th and that you might spread the word about this great free resource to the community. All the best, and if you have any questions, check out the website or e-mail the series coordinator at kkneeland@wlfarm.org.