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Founded in 1931, the Arlington Garden Club is comprised of nearly 100 Arlington, Massachusetts residents. The Club holds monthly meetings and conducts a wide variety of community-building local events and projects. 

Arlington Garden Club will resume in person meetings at the Masonic Hall, 19 Academy Street. Town health protocol will be followed. Members are invited to bring a brown bag lunch. Coffee and tea will be provided.


Upcoming Programs & Event

November  17 – Fessenden’s Herb and Spice Factory on Arlington’s Mill Brook

Richard Duffy – Historian and author

Richard Duffy will share the discovery in recent years of long-lost business records of the mid-1800s from the Philip Fessenden spice mill in West Cambridge (Arlington) that provide a vividly detailed picture of this fascinating enterprise.

Learn about Fessenden’s raw botanical materials, some of his remarkable customers and the place of his business in the Boston market for herbs, spices, and other stone-ground specialty products. 


Arlington Garden Club Annual Plant Sale

After several years of cancelations, we will again be holding the Spring Garden Sale next year on the 21st of May.  The success of the sale will be dependent on your donations of perennials, shrubs and annuals.  

Perennials can be divided in either the fall or spring.  Plants potted in the fall will have time to acclimate and develop roots so they will generally look better in the spring and be easier to sell.  If you do decide to pot your plants now, cut back the foliage and protect the potted plants by placing them in a sheltered spot covered with leaves, mulch or compost. 

Plants potted in the spring should be divided some time in April and the soil kept moist so they will have time to recover and sprout before the sale.  If you need help or pots, contact me, Stephan Miller.

Fast Growing Trees Master Gardening Series

My name is Jim Hodson.  I am contacting you regarding the Arlington Garden Club.  I am hoping that you can help me.  If not, then please feel free to forward this email to whomever can.

I am working with Fast Growing Trees to announce their new educational series on Master Gardening.  The organization recognizes the need to create additional awareness of the Master Gardener programs offered in each state as well as to provide similar free, self-paced gardening curriculum to those who might not otherwise engage in a formal Master Gardener program due to the cost and time commitments they require.  To that end, the organization has created a great resource for both groups of gardening enthusiasts.
To promote awareness and enrollment in formal Master Gardener programs in each state, the Master Gardening Resource answers the most common questions regarding Master Gardeners and the programs required to become one.  It includes a comprehensive directory of Cooperative Extension Services in each state so that visitors can get additional information about their state’s Master Gardener program and hopefully enroll.  However, the feature we are most excited about is the free Master Gardening Curriculum resource that contains much of the content covered in a typical Master Gardener program while allowing the user to learn at their own pace. 
I would like to request that you share with your members a link to our Master Gardener Education Resource home page or directly to our free Self-Paced Master Gardening Curriculum