Programs You May Have Missed

OCTOBER 10- Hip, Hip, Hydrangeas, Part 1

Andi Ross is an artistic landscape designer, certified land-care professional, private garden host, horticulturist, oil painter, as well as speaker.  She is passionate about all things plants, a self-identified plant geek.  This is the first in a series of talks about hydrangeas.

SEPTEMBER 12 – Compost:  Why It Can Be the Only Fertilizer You Need

Adam Jankauskas is the Founder of City Compost.  Motivated by the limited access to clean, healthy food, and problems facing the industrialized food system, in 2013 he left his role in technology to pursue composting and the development of nutrient-rich soil.  He works to reduce waste, cut greenhouse gas emissions, return nutrients to the soil, and live an overall more sustainable life-style.

MAY 9 – Polishing the Masterpieces: The Trustees’ Public Gardens

Lucinda (Cindy) Brockway, Program Director for Cultural Resources, The Trustees (formerly Trustees of Reservations)
In Massachusetts, you find history under every rock and on every corner. From the tracks of dinosaurs and the settlements of Mohicans to the stone walls of colonial farmers, The Trustees care for and share an incredible array of places and things that illuminate who we were, who we are now, and who we will be. Historic homes, magnificent gardens and cultural landscapes all come under the purview of The Trustees.

APRIL 11 – Raising Spectacular Roses Organically and Without Chemicals

Eric Eisenhauer, Qualified Rosarian, Massachusetts Master Gardener
This presentation is highly photographic. Emphasis is on the beauty of “old rose” blossoms and their extraordinary scent. A 100% organic, chemical-free approach is presented. Key steps in the growing of roses are emphasized, as well as garden design concepts to enhance their beauty. Content is based on three decades of hands-on learning gleaned from years or trial and error. Concentration is on Ornamental Roses: namely, English, Floribunda, Grandiflora and Hybrid Tea roses.

MARCH 14 – Arlington’s Tree Canopy and Why It Matters – CANCELLED

Tim Lecuivre, Arlington Tree Warden and John Ellis, Member, Arlington Tree Committee
Gardeners appreciate the immense value of trees for so many reasons. Trees growing in our own yards, parks and streets are probably the ones which we know and love the most. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers and grant-supported interns, Arlington’s tree inventory was completed in the summer of 2017. Tim and John will describe the fascinating inventory process using Geographic Information Systems mapping software and present us with the results.

FEBRUARY 14 – Greening Arlington: Working with Our Department of Public Works

Teresa DeBenedictis, Asst. Director, Arlington Department of Public Works and Charlotte Milan, Recycling Coordinator
Through the Club’s local beautification projects, we work closely with and benefit from the assistance and cooperation of Arlington’s Department of Public Works (DPW). Teresa and Charlotte will describe the role of the DPW and how the Club and DPW work together to continue to enhance Arlington’s horticultural appeal. Returning for an encore performance, Charlotte will keep us up-to-date on the town’s recycling efforts and how Club members can do their part.

JANUARY 10 – Vegetable Gardening

Susan Hammond, Lifetime Massachusetts Master Gardener; Co-founder, Medford Food Pantry Garden
Vegetable gardening is something everyone from the novice to the experienced gardener can enjoy. It can be a way to bring fresh food to your table, teach children where food comes from and a way to beautify your yard! Susan will look at different types of vegetable gardens and discuss layout, variety choices and growing techniques.

DECEMBER 13 – Good Bug – Bad Bug

Bruce Wenning, Horticulturalist, The Country Club, Brookline
Bruce will cover the major groups of insect pests plaguing gardeners and the insects’ life cycles. Bio-controls and low toxicity control measures will be reviewed. Bruce, who has degrees in both plant pathology and entomology, will also talk about the “good” insects, the ones we want to live in our gardens.

NOVEMBER 8 – The History of the Tulip

Ila Cox, Plant lover, gardener and student of the plant industry
Let’s explore the history of this wandering beauty! From its cradle in the Himalayan foothills, we follow the tulip’s journey over the centuries through Persia to Western Europe in the 16th Century. It’s in Holland where the tulip becomes a principal actor in an economic drama of historic proportion. “Tulipmania” has direct relevance for our 21st Century.

OCTOBER 11 – Water Features in the Home Landscape

Jay Bearfield, Master Craftsman/Artist, Liquid Landscape Designs
Learn about various options to introduce decorative water elements into your home landscape. From small patio containers to large water gardens, you can augment your gardens with the right style of feature befitting your garden’s theme, its care requirements and your budget.

SEPTEMBER 13 – Lessons from Fairsted: Taking Care of an Olmsted-Designed Landscape

Mona McKindley, Federal gardener and landscape design historian 
Mona will share successes and failures of work done at Mr. Olmsted’s Brookline home, Fairsted, to preserve and restore this historical space. The character of the design, the design intent and the character-defining features are all important to understand in order to proceed. How does one know when an Olmsted-designed, natural style area needs work done? How do you dress it up for special events? We will find common ground with the issues and landscape work done in Arlington’s Olmsted-designed Town Hall Gardens.

9:00 a.m. – noon, Jason Russell House, corner Mass. Ave. and Jason St.  Rain or shine!

MAY 10 – Chocolate:  From Tree to Table

Betsy Grecoe’s presentation will cover how chocolate is grown, harvested and made into our favorite treats.  We will be treated to taste testing of chocolate samples and receive a recipe booklet to take home.

APRIL 12 – Designing Beautiful and Abundant Landscapes

Local resident Ben Barkan, Owner and Founder  of  Home Harvest, will educate us on soil health, understanding sustainability, and medicinal herbs.